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Dolphin Cove Condominiums

Street Repairs and Seal Coating

May 1, 2021

Beginning on Monday, May 3rd we will repairing all the potholes and large cracks in the roadways/parking areas. Please pay attention to the workers and potholes as you travel for the next two weeks as they dig out the damaged areas. They will mark these potholes with cones.

PLEASE DO NOT allow children to play with these traffic cones.

Once the large holes have been repaired, they will be filling in all the cracks, which take a few additional days. If you are aware of a crack under where you normally park, please leave that space open beginning Thursday, May 6th so the contractor can clearly see it.

They will then proceed to sealcoating the parking lots beginning with the area behind Buildings T and S and working our way towards Building A and B.  One or more entrance drives may be closed to vehicle access from Harbour Beach Boulevard.   Each time they sealcoat an area there will be a 36-hour period before you can resume parking in that area. DO NOT return to your parking space until the parking lines have been repainted and the cones are removed.

During this process, the dumpsters may be moved several feet from their normal location temporarily.

*Any car left in the contractor’s way will be immediately towed at the owner’s expense.

*If anyone drives on the fresh sealcoat during the drying time you will be charged to resurface the damaged area. This is an expensive project and is being done for everyone’s benefit.

Please pay attention to the notices on the bulleting Boards and email blasts to be sure you move your car on the appropriate day.

Landlords must keep their tenants informed!

If you have a car that is not used daily, please park it at the other end of the community to allow people who need to park close to their homes have an empty space. This will be a difficult task finding a parking spot during these 2 weeks and we all must work together. The seal coating will begin on approximately May 12th and we suspect if everyone cooperates it will be completed the week before Memorial Day.

We are counting on your cooperation!

We will post updates on the website as work progresses.


Dolphin Cove Homeowners


Census forms were due to the management company by March 1st 2021,  as several homeowners have NOT yet  fully completed and returned these census forms,  the property manager will be issuing violations until the forms are returned.  If you receive a violation notice, we would ask that you contact the office as soon as possible to complete and resolve any missing documentation.

Failure to submit the completed package will result in daily fines of $25.00 per day.


Board Members:
Mark Elser – Board President
Gary Keyser – Vice President
Joe Smith – Board Treasurer
Steven Kessler – Secretary
Vince Cerminara- Trustee

Meeting Dates:
November 21, 2020 – 10 am via virtual (conducted as virtual meeting)
December 12, 2020 – 10 am via virtual (conducted as virtual meeting)
March 20, 2021 – 10 am (Conducted as a virtual meeting)
July 24, 2021 – 10 am (virtual or on-site to be determined at later date)
September 11, 2021 – 10 am (Annual Homeowner meeting to be on-site}

As a reminder you must notify the office whenever you have work being done in your unit. All
contractors must sign in at the office and supply the office with a copy of their certificate of
insurance and contractor’s license information. If you are looking to replace windows, doors or
anything in the exterior you must fill out a property modification form and have written approval
from the board.
The Board wants all Homeowners to know that they will endeavor to manage the community
with due diligence to preserve the integrity and equity of the community facilities and thus your
personal properties. The Board welcomes your concerns and comments but request that any
such communication is put into a written format and directed to the Property Manager at


Thank you,